Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cheyenne Wells, Colorado - Annual Machine Gun Shoot

Sometimes I forget that Colorado is deep in the heart of redneck country, so stories like this one help remind me of my roots. We're just a hop skip and a jump away from shaved heads and swastikas here in Denver, and this will prove it.
To give a little back-story, this morning I was checking out some local drive-trip ideas to do with the kids this summer. I didn't enroll them in camp, and we don't have a big trip planned, so I am trying to figure some stuff out that will fill the long hours of daylight in June and July. SO, I thought I would check out Bent's Old Fort down in La Junta. My internet travels quickly led me east to Dodge City, and I thought "hey - we could do a Santa Fe Trail wild west tour!" FUN!
I then turned to Mapquest to see what exciting hot spots we could hit in our tornado-chasing Tahoe when we're gettin the hell outta Dodge...and I noticed a little town in eastern Colorado called Cheyenne Wells. For some reason I felt like I had heard of it before, but in retrospect I was probably thinking of Indian Wells.
Anyway, it's all pretty close so I figured there must have been some gun-slinging going on there in days past...little did I know!
Turns out, this quiet little community hosts it's very own annual Machine Gun Festival. It's put on by the local volunteer fire-fighters and you can rent a 50 caliber rifle, machine gun, even a cannon for your shooting pleasure. That's right, ordinary folks out for a weekend of machine gun shooting and cannon blasting. Throw in a few Budweisers and we got ourselves a right fine weekend! Bring the kids, but "hearing protection" is required, so swing by Walgreens on your way of town, or just reuse those plugs you got for last month's monster truck rally.
See y'all there!

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