Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sarcasm in Cyberspace

To know me is to hear me, and to love me is to appreciate my sarcastic sense of humor. This is one of the problems I have with blogging -- how do I adequately convey the level of disdain, exasperation, "botheration" (this, according to, is an actual word - a synonym for exasperation) or just plain annoyance that I'm feeling in cyberspace? I suppose I could just hit it head on with an "isn't it annoying that..." but this really goes against my inner nature. I want tone, inflection, and phrasing to say it all, and I'm troubled by the fact that someone might actually take me seriously if I were to say something like "Sarah Palin is a real modern American mom. She's out there everyday showing us regular gals that we really can have it all - and lipstick too!" So I am instituting "Lolo's Sarcasm Font." Whenever you read something on this blog in plain-old typewriter Courier font, please add snark, cynicism, and just a touch of superiority to your tone. Thanks! No, that should really say "Thanks"...I think.

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