Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Every 40 Year Old Woman has a 14 Year Old Girl in her Somewhere

Spring break is approaching, and I must say that after the events of the last few days, I am prepping myself for more family drama. We're going to Telluride ("home") to visit my parents, and though I think it's all fine with Blake now, you just never know really. Old wounds can resurface faster than the blink of an eye, and before you even realize that your joke about always winning at backgammon has a backstory all its own, it's too late!
There's just something about family that makes us all revert to the rolls we played growing up. I am the middle child and the only girl, so that carries with it some stereotypical feelings of inadequacy, constant rebellion, and a sometimes insatiable need for more attention. Scott (my older brother) was the over-achiever highly motivated self-directed one. Blake, on the other hand, was the baby, overly coddled, several year younger third child who was blessed with parents who were pretty much done with parenting by the time highschool rolled around for him. -- I would come home from college aghast at the sugar cereal in the pantry and conspicuously absent curfews for my then 7th grade younger brother. And believe me, this unfairness did not go unnoticed (nor unmentioned, for that matter).
And still, 20 years later, get us all back in the kitchen at 400 N. Oak and we may has well have travelled back in time to 1985. Scott will be there telling me what I "need to do" and Blake will mouth over his shoulder - " Remember my motto: say yes and do whatever you want." I, on the other hand, will probably feign interest for a few minutes before my 14 year old self shakes her head, says "what-ever" and gives the accompanying eyeroll shown here.
So even though at 14 I was certain my 40-something parents were - like - 100 and couldn't possibly remember or understand being a teenage, I (now the one who is - like - 100) I know for sure that I was wrong. Not only can we relate to and understand those teenage years, we will actually become them if faced with a sufficient amount of familial strife, particularly with siblings and parents.
I can already feel the eye-roll building momentum, the hip jutting sideways, and that heavy sigh of exasperation followed by "WHATEVER" rolling off my tongue...I'm afraid it could be a long week ahead!

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