Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Morning Morals Questions - Am I a bad person if...???

Sometimes the thinking and the doing don't always coincide!

This morning I woke up with this great idea for a new series for my blog...a sort of "Where does your moral compass point on this one?" inquiry based on real life situations. Here's today's quandry:

Yesterday a neighbor took my kids to see Iron Man II.  I sent them with a small backpack holding:  $20, 2 "Loyalty Cups" ($1 refill cups good for the whole year at our local theater), as well as small bags of Cracker Jacks for all the kids.  I would have swung by Walgreens for some movie sized candy (Dots and Jr. Mints are family movie favorites), but there wasn't time.  Anyway, when they got home, here's what transpired:

Me:  How was the movie?
Alex: Awesome!
Me: Did you get a drink or anything?
Alex: No, we got there a little late and had to rush to our seats.
Me: Well, I guess it's good you had those Cracker Jacks!
Alex: No, you're not allowed to bring them in so we had them after.
Me: Oh?
Alex: Yeah, [neighbor] said you're not allowed to bring any outside food in so we couldn't bring them.  It's a rule, mom!
Me: Hmmmm....OK.

So, sure, I know the rule.  I just don't follow it!  I also know that a movie theater's biggest profit margin is on the sale of concessions...I guess I just really don't care!  I can't see spending $4 for a $1 box of candy.  I do buy the $5 loyalty cups at the beginning of the year and get the $1 refills all year long, because somehow that seems a lot more reasonable to me...but here's the question:

Am I a bad person if I break the rule about bring "outside food" into a movie?  Will my children grow up with a broken moral compass?  Am I kidding myself to think that somehow these kinds of rules are silly and it's OK to model rule-breaking behavior to my kids? 


****Just for the record, I am a strong advocate of Civil Disobedience as a political tool to make change to unjust laws, but my Monday Morning Morals Questions will not be addressing these types of issues.  I'm going to focus on more important things like "Can I bring candy into a movie?"


  1. you have a moral obligation to let your kids know that neighbor is lame.

  2. You have a moral obligation to teach your kids not to get ripped of by the local movie theater...

  3. If you had the kids steal the cracker jacks from walgreen's and then sneak it into a theater, you would be an immoral stay at home lawyer. However, since you purchased the stuff somewhere else, its an introduction for your children to 'the slippery slope'. and, I agree with what Lori said.

    My humble suggestion for your next monday morning morals: is it immoral to purchase a ticket for one show at the theater and then stay for a second show, perhaps even a third one if its snowing in Chicago, it's Sunday, and you are slightly hung over and have nothing else to do? and then to spice it up part deux: if you stay that long you actually buy some outrageously priced snacks from the movie theater, perhaps some popcorn and swedish fish, for approximately $18 plus tax, but again: you purchase only the one ticket, and see two to three movies?

  4. Hey Anonymous - Love the add-on to the moral quandary! I will admit that I too have done the self-serve-double-feature in the past. I'm definitely doing a follow-up!

  5. If the stuff was in a backpack, how would anyone even know? All sounds fishy...anyway, no its not immoral to bring your own food. What if you were diabetic and had to eat candy with no sugar? Would the theater say f-off? Its all about being fair!

  6. We take personal pizzas and even once mcdonalds. Movie concessions are the biggest rip-off. I agree with my Lori. Your neighbors are lame. Also I fixed my blog you can follow my new one. I had to change the address and start over.

  7. Um, your neighbor and her goody goody kids need to get a life! Movies are all about sneaking outside food in. Once I brought a hot roast beef sandwich in friends purse and the au jus leaked all over her purse. Not the smartest day of my life. Friend was a little peeved too. Oopsie!

    However, when I was in college, the local theater arrested someone for bringing in microwave popcorn. LAME!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and commenting! I'm glad to learn we are soul mates! :)

  8. This is tough! (Just found you from SITS by the way!-great Idea for a series. I'll be back!)

    I have snuck food in and stayed for a second movie at different points in my life. I don't think I'd do it now that I am a mom. There are places we go where she can pass for the FREE two year old price but I always speak up and say she is three. I wouldn't want to teach her cheating is ok so I don't do it. The snacks may be over priced but I don't have to get them. If I want to eat my own I can rent a movie. When my girl is an adult she may, like her mom, sneak some snacks in or stay for an extra movie, but it won't be because she doesn't know what is right. I knew it was wrong when I did it but liked the thrill... now thankfully I can get my thrills elsewhere.

    Kathy over at Everyday Bliss

  9. Stacy - if there was a way to get a diet coke with the gas-station-ice-pellets in, I might have to do it!
    Kathy - So funny you mention the buying a ticket for the 3 year old who could pass as 2. That's another idea I had for my series! My mom was a total rule bender and I remember her doing that with my little brother -- and I remember being TOTALLY EMBARRASSED by it! My kids were both GIANTS so I was never faced with that particular was more like -- I'd get the accusatory side-glance from the ticket seller when I was saying that my 2 year old was 2 and I'd have to defend myself. But that's good - I like it! Thanks for following! I love followers!

  10. Lori up there told me about this post after reading mine from today. Check out my blog & you'll see where my moral compass is pointing! My blog is a silly. You have been warned! :)

  11. A bit silly, I meant to say...


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