Sunday, April 18, 2010

Me and my BlogArt...not to be confused with Bloggart...

So I've decided to start referring to myself as a "Blog-Artist" in all profession-related inquiries.  My words are my medium...and the world is my inspiration.  Now, don't confuse a BlogArtist with a Bloggart-ist.  A "bloggart" is a person who uses his blog only for self promotion and self-aggrandizement, a cyber-braggart if you will.  I made that word up.  Well, actually, Paul made that word up but he gave up the right to call anything his own some 13 years ago before God and all our friends and family, so I'm taking credit for it on his behalf.  He'd want me to, really.
Anyway, my point is, you should be expecting great things here in the days and months to come.  I have big plans for this blog.  I'm really going to be bringing a new vision to the world-wide-web and the internets and such. 
Just thought I should let you all know so that you can brace yourselves...


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