Monday, April 19, 2010

My first hate-mail...I'm so excited!

So if you remember a few days back, I posted a little critique of the new "coffee" bar on Colfax Hot Chick-a-Latte.  Well, apparently I struck a nerve because "Anonymous" got all up in my cyber face calling me a "sexless female who is incapable of speaking her mind in public and has to harass young attractive females behind the anonymity of the internet."  I find it more than a little ironic that ANONYMOUS is accusing me of hiding behind the anonymity of the internet!!!
It's so exciting.  I'm starting to know what it feels like to be hated for my fame...well, I'm starting to imagine that I can imagine what it feels like...or something like that.
Thanks Anonymous -- you made my day!


  1. Hey what can I say, I do my best to entertain the elderly... ;)

  2. lol. i hope to have hate mail someday.

  3. Lori, if you really want hate mail, I could probably whip something out for you.

  4. I am not "Anonymous from above but this is the definition from Wikipedia:

    In the United States, white coffee may also refer to coffee beans which have been roasted to the yellow roast level and when prepared as espresso produces a thin yellow brew. American white coffee is very highly caffeinated, being only lightly roasted. It is the length of the roasting process, producing successively darker color, which removes the caffeine from the coffee beans. White coffee is generally used only for making espresso drinks, not simple brewed coffee. With shorter roasting times natural sugars are not caramelized within the coffee beans, leaving no bitter aftertaste. The flavor of white coffee is frequently described as nut like. White coffee grounds are more dense than other blends, making white coffee more concentrated, thus white coffee grounds have more caffeine that can be extracted in the final brew.

  5. LOL if you think this is hate mail, you haven't been on the internet very long... we are just correcting your skewed perceptions that's all..


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