Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The real story of Santa

**This conversation took place just before Christmas. It's a cute little vignette I thought I would use to remind us that (Tourette's issues aside) childhood is still filled with wide-eyed wonder.

Zach: Mom, are you Santa?

me: Oh yeah, I spend Christmas Eve every year riding around the world on my reindeer driven sleigh handing presents out to a bunch of kids I don't even know.

Zach: Ugh, mom - I'm serious!

me: No, I'm not Santa! Besides, Santa's a boy, so maybe Daddy's Santa but I don't think so because we can't afford all that stuff. Why do you ask?

Zach: Safia told me there's no Santa. She said it's just the mom and dad that give the kids presents.

me: (scrambling) Oooohhhh, sweetie, that's so sad. Safia must be really bad!

Zach: Why? What do you mean?

me: I guess she's so bad that Santa never even comes to her house at all and her mom had to make up an excuse about why not!

Zach: Yeah. She is pretty bad. And she lies! I'm glad Santa doesn't skip our house.

me: Me too, honey. Me too!


  1. ummm, how do you expect him to beleive in jesus and the holy ghost if you lie to him about santa and the easter bunny? way to go mom.

  2. oh and the tooth fairy. dont forget the tooth fairy.

  3. I am totally using that one this year - because I think the question is coming - it got close with the Easter bunny because I wanted to get rid of all the candy so I kept filling his basket again after he went to bed and he found it hard to believe... not smart on my part.


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